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Hailing from Adelaide’s south east, Lockstock is an emcee formerly of Foreign Correspondence. Lockstock has been in the Australian hip hop scene for more than a decade, mainly as a fan. After a few early projects failed to eventuate, Stock rejuvenated his love for rhyming and the art of hip hop by winning a Hood Rapz emcee battle in Adelaide in 2009. Around two years later he started the hip hop group Foreign Correspondence with old rhyming buddy Marky. The two played shows throughout 2012, adding soulful vocalist D and began recording a mixtape. Currently Lockstock plans to record his own mixtape by late 2013/early 2014.

Lockstock enjoys the thrill of the stage and respects all elements of hip hop culture. This brought him to be involved with GTNBZY when asked by old school mate Struts. In the future, Lockstock hopes to finish a mixtape and potentially combine his love of performing arts with hip hop in some way, shape or form.