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Til the Break

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Triple J Unearthed

You cannot put Til The Break in a box, not their image nor their genre, which is both a blessing and a curse. All one can say is they have a DIY attitude, high energy live performance and an unrestrained love for a phat hip-hop beat.
Hailing from the Fleurieu Penisula, Taiaha Ngawiki and Jefferson Curtis have both been involved in the local live music scene since they stepped out of Primary School. Linking together through love of live performance the two smashed together their Hip-hop, Soul, Punk and Folk Influences to form Til The Break and launch their debut EP Come As You Are.
From Adelaide pubs to playing with a backing band to their makeshift three-month tour up the East Coast, Til The break have withheld their firm belief in musical integrity. This honesty shines through in every performance and through every release.
Whether they’re jumpin’ on a Benny Quiz beat with satiric humour or playin’ lounge-room gigs with a guitar and a djembe, Til The Break will be doing their thang, somewhere. Listen.